Donor’s Contribution

Donor’s Contribution

KUDOS to the young altruists our future philanthropists !


Sunehra Ghai of BD Somani International School, Mumbai volunteered to support our initiative and formed a group of committed teenagers BD –SACHi. This group of enthusiast collected funds by selling personalized stationery. The funds collected by them supported the surgeries of kids and helped them have a bright future.




I am Nithya Kasarla and my family and I support your organization a lot because we come from Hyderabad, AP, and we think that this is a great cause. During the end of last school year and the summer from March 2012-July 2012, I sold Indian vegetables grown from our organic garden. Many Indians here in Florida, U.S enjoyed the vegetables for a low price. By selling vegetables, I raised $180, which I am donating to organization. My father, Rammohan kasarla, is donating $2000 because he really wants to support this cause and help you make a difference. Thank you for letting us help support your organization. I enjoyed selling the vegetables and knowing that I actually helped someone. I hope that I can sell vegetables next year as well to raise money.


  • It is an initiative to promote and incorporate social responsibility among the future citizens of India.
  • It aims at sensitising the young hearts of the anomalies that children of their age and below suffer with and have the courage to fight through at that tender age.
  • Gives an insight into the hardships  of families and children who suffer from these problems.
  • Helps the patients and children at Apollo Philanthropy recover better and faster with the interaction of School students who are a pleasant and positive change to their monotonous routines.
  • Provides a platform to the kids to showcase their talents through various competitions and make a mark in the society.

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Students from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan engaging themselves with the children affected with the anomalies.

The students from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan were invited for a field visit to the departments of ENT and Peadiatric Cardiology on 18th September,2011