Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are a great source of strength to Saving A Child’s Heart. SACHi is still young require lot of nurturing and support, SACHi is looking for volunteers to help several areas. Interested individuals can contact or email us to know more details about the program.

SACHi does not have formal internship or volunteer programs but interested individuals can help us in organizing camps, counseling, and events.

27th December, 2012

SACHi celebrates Christmas with Interns and Kids !

The enthusiastic interns from LSN Foundation organized a Christmas party for the kids at SACHi, which was a memorable Christmas for the kids.

They planned small activities which completely involved the kids and got the creative side of the kids with fun. The parents also joined and helped their children in making small cards, Christmas Tree and made different cartoons.


Interns said, “Today we had a great Christmas Party at the Pediatric Department. We played, made a “mini” Christmas tree, prepared Christmas greeting cards and colored different drawings. Children hung their creative’s in their room, in the playground area. it was a very fun and colorful celebration.”

SACHi is thankful to the interns and to the LSN Foundation staff for making their kids Christmas special.

Celebrate special occasions with us

An opportunity to smile and celebrate is very special for these kids suffering from deadly cardiac diseases.

You can cheer up them by celebrating your special moments with our kids at SACHi.

Band Sales

SACHi Wrist Bands when worn are meant in wishing recovery of a child with Heart Disease. The objective of the band apart from raising funds for treatment is to spread awareness about the disease and reach out to the society. These bands are priced at Rs.50/- each.

Please contact us or email us to know more details about the program.

Educational Institutions and Corporates have been helping us with band sales and the proceeds are a constant support to SACHi. Your organization can also join us in the campaign.

Invitation to Educate & Entertain

Students of college of social work celebrating birthday of children in the pediatric ward. LSN foundation has facilitated this program.


SACHi invites trained nutritionists, medical social workers individuals and organizations training educational street shows, painting, and puppetry to spread awareness and cheer.

College students of Social Work had celebrated birthday of children in the pediatric ward and LSN foundation has facilitated this program.