About Our Work

About Our Work

Saving a Child’s Heart initiative is the largest charitable organization that is dedicated to provide pediatric care in India. SACHi is recognized for its commitment to quality medical care and accountability, its work has touched people’s hearts. Saving a Child’s Heart initiative is a need based program and believes in an approach that addresses all aspects of pediatric care specially prevention, early detection, treatment, funding and follow up care.

Our Chairman’s Vision

In order to combat the escalating problem of congenital cardiac issues in children, Dr. C. Prathap Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Group of Hospitals, established the Children’s Cardiac Wing in the hospital.

SACHi exists today, because of his boundless vision towards removing barriers, that deny any child the basic right to breathe freely, play, study and most importantly, live a full life.

Awareness Programs

SACHi believes in not just curative medicine but also in creating awareness and providing information for education of people. A dedicated team conducts workshops/lectures for both the doctors and the general public on aspects such as prevention of heart diseases in children, identification of children with heart diseases based on basic signs and symptoms and then give them an ideal course of management.

Regular awareness programs and talks with different organizations and people helps in early detection of the problems and highlights the magnitude of future complications and the measures to be taken to counter the various congenital heart diseases.

Early Detection

In order to cure any disease, it is essential that it is diagnosed at an early stage. Hence, SACHi encourages parents to get their child tested and educate them through free screening camps about early identification of signs and symptoms and guide them on the optimal course of management.


  • Treatment is provided to children belonging to lower socio economic groups, who are diagnosed with treatable heart diseases free of charge / subsidized treatment based on the long term prognosis of the child and availability of resources with SACHi.
  • Children from the screening camps held by SACHi needing further treatment are given dates based on the seriousness of the condition and long term prognosis following treatment for free / subsidized treatment.


Dr.Prathap C Reddy and Apollo Group of Hospitals are the principal promoters, funds are also raised through voluntary donations from NGOs, individuals, corporates and events conducted for raising funds for this initiative.

Organizations involved are – Concern India Foundation, Rotary International, Lions Club of India, Times of India, Walt Disney, Sony Entertainment Ltd., Times of India Group of Publications, Hyderabad Urban Development Authority, District Administration of Cuddahpah, Government of Andhra Pradesh and a number of individuals have contributed to the cause so far.

Follow up Care

Follow up Care is a very important aspect of the program. Children are given follow up dates so that the parents can bring them to the hospital post surgery for regular check ups. Apart from regular check-ups, the foundation is starting Telemedicine links in district hospitals that allows the doctors there to interact with the surgical team here for any further assistance.