Corporate Support

Corporate Support


The fragrance of the soil you are born on will become a part of your life in every way. It is part of your culture, language, traditions, culinary and your values.

Roots program is an initiative for all you special people who wish to give back to your community, your place, your soil. The program gives you the opportunity to support a child belonging to your place or district.

SACHi has many children in the list waiting for treatment. You can identify any child or children from the list belonging to your place and support their treatment cost either partially or full cost.

We will send you a:

  • Welcome note from the Secretary.
  • Case history and photo, and information about the child you are supporting.
  • A Status report of the child.
  • A tax receipt. (We issue one receipt every February).

You need to mail us at

  • The place you belong.
  • Whether you would like to fund partial amount or full treatment cost.

Matching Grants

Companies match the employee donations. You can show your support by matching their donation as whole or as percentage of the total raised. It will spread enthusiasm among your employees and give your corporate a socially responsible outlook.

Banking information

You can donate by sending cheque/DD to “SACHi foundation” or deposit in our bank.

We will send you

  • Welcome note from the Secretary.
  • Case history and photo, and information about the children you are supporting.
  • A Status report of the children.
  • Tax Receipt.

Work Place Giving

A partnership that joins corporate India to rural health care to make a great impact with the children suffering from heart diseases.

Many corporate company employees viz Microsoft, Keane India, DQ Entertainment, Kanbay software, Tecumseh campaigned for the cause.

All you need to do is set up a “work place giving” at your company. Your employees can join the Heart Beats program through “work place giving” and fund heart surgeries.

Running the program is very simple and also minimal cost to the business but provides the company and employees an opportunity to be part of a noble endeavor and show your commitment to the country. A Workplace Giving program is a cost effective way for your company to stand up and do something that truly makes a difference.

Come invest in tomorrow, who knows a child your company helped may become somebody the country will be proud off.

Your company for SACHi

Lets say each individual from your company donates Rs.15 a week – that may sound small to you because you might spend that money daily for a can of coke but think again Lets assume there are 100 people working in your company and they all contribute Rs.15 a week ie around Rs.2 a day it amounts to Rs.78000 per year! That’s huge money and can give a new lease of life to 3 children. And if you are a tax payer it works out even lesser for you and the satisfaction that the money has helped in saving a Childs life is beyond imagination.

Accountability & Satisfaction

Work place giving is an easy and committed way to help the society and there is accountability for every penny donated by you. With this program the money goes for a cause and rather than giving and waiting for the tax deduction at the end of the year, the deduction is instant.

Setting up the Program

  • Register with us for the work place giving program.
  • The employee chooses an amount to give to Saving a Child’s Heart initiative.
  • The donation is taken out from the employees pay before tax is taken out (pretax donation) and his/her tax paid is reduced.
  • At the end of the year the HR can give the employee a record of the money donated to SACHi.
  • Tax paying individuals and institutions can donate up to 10% of their gross income and are eligible for a deduction of 50% of the donated amount.

Workplace giving is the greatest way to associate with heart beats. It not only gives you satisfaction but a sense of pride to give back to the society. From an employer stand point it’s a practical way to support your staff and take pride that your company has supported children’s lives.

Medical Supplies

A greatest way to support SACH is medical supplies. If you are a company dealing with Pediatric Cardiac pharmaceuticals, disposables or interventional materials and would like to participate in this noble program please do write to us at,